Tuesday, January 11, 2022


Good friends, Kendal and Sam, experience more fun visiting their favorite place, The City Market, while shopping for their moms.  But during these pandemic times they know they must follow the safety precautions.  Result:  They keep themselves and everyone else safe!  Come along with the boys once again as they introduce you to new shops, the Steamboat of Arabia massive paddlewheel, and ride the KC streetcar.  It's easy to have fun and be safe!     



Sunday, January 9, 2022


It's Polly's first snow day and her best friend, Ginger, helps her discover a whole new world!  Youngsters love playing in the snow, but when the playing is over, snuggle up to the snow adventures of Ginger and Polly, which I think they'll love almost as much.  It's not easy to compete with playing in real snow, but reading this story of the dog's friendship in the snow will warm the heart.

Carried by Parkville Coffee on Main Street, upstairs on the author's book shelves, and for order on Amazon, and from the link on this website. 

Friday, December 17, 2021


Winter at the Market

  Winter is an excellent time to visit City Market!  Crowds are gone and since the omicron varient is sweeping across the city, distancing is easy.  But the shops are open all year long and still need your business.  The produce vendors also have seasonal fruits and veggies, as well as tropical fruits such as pineapples and mangos.  Discover the shops of the market in the book CITY MARKET! with Kendal and Sam on their Saturday adventure into a world of international flare.  The City Market remains the premier family fun experience in all seasons! 

CITY MARKET! is available for purchase in The Coffee Shop, Al-Habashi Mediterranean Market and The Candy Wizard, so look for it as you visit, or click to order from Amazon on the right.


Thursday, November 18, 2021

Ginger and Polly Go To The Veterinarian

Thankfully, young children can now get their covid vaccine, but likely they are afraid of shots so it's not easy to actually do. Ginger and Polly are afraid of getting their shots, too.  But, with encouragement and understanding, they do it!  Young children will be able to empathize with their anxiety, celebrate their success, and hopefully, be less scared of getting their covid or any vaccination, too. To order from Amazon, click the link to the right.  The complete Ginger and Polly series is available at Parkville Coffee, upstairs on the local author's bookshelves.  A child will thank you!  




Saturday, October 23, 2021


Ginger and Polly Leave Home

The fifth and final Ginger and Polly story is here and a must read!  Legendary best friends, Ginger and Polly, sign on to Sam's offer of exploring the neighborhood on a glorious fall day.  Although their expedition begins splendidly, it unravels as the day progresses.  Faced with being hopelessly lost, the dogs have to decide what to do and the night time brings it's own fears and challenges.  Your child will experience the Fun, the Suspense, and the heartwarming Friendship that sees the dogs safely home.  Available on Amazon or click the link to the right.  Preview all the Ginger and Polly stories right here!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Summer's Most Beloved Songbirds

SINGING LESSONS is an endearing story about three little cardinals who have to learn important life lessons before they leave the nest.  They face challenges along the bumpy way and Carly requires her father's loving guidance to master the most important lesson of all.  Children will be entranced with the artist's luminous illustrations of the cardinal family.  You'll never think about cardinals the same way again.

Friday, April 24, 2020


 Ah well, the fireflies are gone until next May. But no worries, as your child and you can still revel in fireflies as you wait for their return, in this ever wondrous story.  

To order 'The Fantastic Firefly Night', click the Amazon link to the right.  Even when summer is over, I hope you and your child  enjoy the story and the luminous illustrations, again and again. 

To listen to the story with illustrations on youtube, click on the Fantastic Firefly Night heading at the top of this page!  




Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Best Friends, The Story of Ginger and Polly

     BEST FRIENDS is the first story of five in the GINGER AND POLLY series.  Based on true events and real dogs, they provide a model of friendship for all.  Available at The Parkville Coffee Shop on Main Street and also from Amazon; click the link to the right.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Ginger's and Polly's No Ordinary Summer Day 

Best Friends, Ginger and Polly, come to the rescue of a lost toddler turning their usual summer afternoon upside down.  Together they entertain and keep the youngster safe until the frantic mother finds her child, making two new forever friends.  It's funny and touching. Think dogs can't babysit?  Think again! 

Available at Parkville Coffee on Main Street, upstairs in the Local Author's Corner.  Also available to order on Amazon; click the link on the right.