Friday, March 1, 2024



There's a new children's book in town entitled PINK.  Pink must go on a journey to find her rainbow, which leads her into a spectacular world of color.  But when discouragment sets in, help comes to her in a small but powerful way.  In addition, she learns an unexpected valuable life lesson.  Youngsters will love the bold and richly colored illustrations, and of course, the rainbow!  Appropriate for kids ages 3-6.  This book would make an excellent addition to an Easter basket!

Available to order on Amazon and to purchase in the Parkville Coffee Roasting Company on Main Street in Parkville.  Walk to the the back of the shop to the local author's book room to find. 



Thursday, February 29, 2024

      Welcome to my blog/website for Bicycle Bell Books!  You'll find here a synopsis with sample illustrations for each of my ten childrens books.  Click on the titles above for more of both.  There's a story for every season and feature the themes of friendship, love of people and nature.  

     I'm pleased to announce that I've just published a brand new story entitled PINK. As with all of my stories, this new one will be enjoyed by 3-7 year olds and is sure to become yet another favorite of both you and your child.  Hope you have fun looking over the books!

Singing Lessons

Spring is near when the cardinals begin their singing and they are singing now!  Oh, how I've missed their joyful songs. In SINGING LESSONS  

Mama and Papa cardinal have much to teach their little ones in this dear story.  Most important are the singing lessons, which don't come easy for one baby cardinal. You won't think of cardinals in the same way ever again! You'll enjoy the lively and humorous illustrations of the cardinal family!  Consider adding this sweet story to the Easter basket, as well!


Wednesday, February 28, 2024


Spring Is Around The Corner!

    WooHoo!  As always, it's going to be a great spring at the market. City Market is The Place for reveling in the return of warmer air among  the thousands of colorful flowers and bedding plants that will make the market look like a kaliedoscope of color. Delicious treats await inside the shops; gelato at Carollo's Italian Groceria, refreshing iced coffees at City Market Coffee, and ice cream floats of your own design at newly opened Fountain City Scoops and Floats.  For family outings or meeting friends, the City Market is just the best!

So, come along with Kendal and Sam for their Saturday adventure in the book CITY MARKET!  The story is appropriate for ages 3-7 and celebrates the cultural diversity that makes discovering the world close to home so easy and fun.  

CITY MARKET! is available for purchase in The Coffee Shop, Al-Habashi Mediterranean Market and The Candy Wizard, so look for it as you visit, or click to order from Amazon on the right.


Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Best Friends, The Story of Ginger and Polly

     BEST FRIENDS is the story that started it all; the first of five in the Ginger and Polly series.  Based on true events and real dogs, they provide a model of friendship for all.  Available at The Parkville Coffee Shop on Main Street and also from Amazon; click the link to the right.

Sunday, October 1, 2023


Ginger and Polly Leave Home

Legendary best friends, Ginger and Polly, sign on to Sam's offer of exploring the neighborhood on a glorious fall day.  Although their expedition begins splendidly, it unravels as the day progresses.  Faced with being hopelessly lost, the dogs have to decide what to do and the night time brings it's own fears and challenges.  Your child will experience the Fun, the Suspense, and the heartwarming Friendship that sees the dogs safely home.  Available in the Author's Room at the Parkville Coffee Roasting Company on Main Street in downtown Parkville, or click the link to the right for the Amazon page.  Preview all the Ginger and Polly stories right here!

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Ginger's and Polly's No Ordinary Summer Day 

Best Friends, Ginger and Polly, come to the rescue of a lost toddler turning their usual summer afternoon upside down.  Together they entertain and keep the youngster safe until the frantic mother finds her child, making two new forever friends.  It's funny and touching. Think dogs can't babysit?  Think again! 

Available at Parkville Coffee on Main Street, in the new local Author's Room at the back of the shop.  Also available to order on Amazon; click the link on the right.    

Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Even though Firefly season is past, your child can still revel in this wondrous story told by a Grandmother to her granddaughter one summer evening.  The luminous illustrations are perfect for this mysterious story and the next best thing to really seeing this magical bug.

To order 'The Fantastic Firefly Night', click the Amazon link to the right.  The book is also carried by Parkville Coffee Company on Main Street, Parkville, Missouri.  (downstairs in the new Author's Room)

To listen to the story with illustrations on youtube, click on the Fantastic Firefly Night heading at the top of this page!  




Friday, March 18, 2022

Ginger and Polly Go To The Veterinarian

Thankfully, young children can now get their covid vaccine, but likely they are afraid of shots so it's not easy to actually do. Ginger and Polly are afraid of getting their shots, too.  But, with encouragement and understanding, they do it!  Young children will be able to empathize with their anxiety, celebrate their success, and hopefully, be less scared of getting their covid or any vaccination, too. 

To order from Amazon, click the link to the right.  The complete Ginger and Polly series is available at Parkville Coffee, in the new local author's room in the back of the shop. Grab a coffee and treat and browse the book shelves.  A child will thank you!  




Tuesday, January 11, 2022


Good friends, Kendal and Sam, experience more fun visiting their favorite place, The City Market, while shopping for their moms.  But during the pandemic they know they must follow safety precautions.  Result:  They keep themselves and everyone else safe!  Come along with the boys once again as they introduce you to new shops, the Steamboat of Arabia massive paddlewheel, and ride the KC streetcar.  It's easy to have fun and be safe at the same time! 

Note:  Although pandemic precautions are no longer required, this story is a good look back at what we did to keep others and ourselves safe.